Victoria Hand Project empowers prosthetic care professionals and clinics in the world’s most under-resourced economies and healthcare systems. We provide Victoria Hand prosthetic arms to amputees in-need, giving them hope and opportunities to live more productive, fulfilling, and happier lives. 


Just $25 can help give the gift of independence

A $25 donation will partially fund fitting an amputee in-need with a life-changing prosthetic arm. Your donation, alongside donations from others, will get a prosthetic hand to those who need one most.

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Through international partnerships with healthcare providers and a focus on in-country production, our prosthetic arms are made accessible to amputees in need.  Our partners provide the clinical expertise; we provide the prosthesis. Together we offer a complete service that supports the amputee and their community.


A range of causes result in alarming rates of amputations worldwide – armed conflict, accident, disease, and lack of basic public health. Access to prosthetic care and assistance can be challenging and expensive.  Currently, an estimated 2.3 million people in developing countries are in desperate need of upper-limb devices. Limb loss leads not only to the loss of independence and ability to work, but it is also often exacerbated by profound psychological trauma and degradation of a person’s dignity and social status.  

By harnessing the power of 3D printing technology combined with traditional, tried-and-true methods familiar to local clinicians, our prosthetic arms are delivered to amputees in-need across the world.


We provide an end-to-end solution, allowing for independent, on-site manufacturing of prosthetic devices and servicing in local clinics. This strengthens existing healthcare systems, expanding the capacity of clinics so they can help more people, faster.


VHP's efforts are best explained through the people they help.  Over 170 people have been fit with a Victoria Hand to date.

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