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The Victoria Hand Project offers a variety of 3D-Printed Prosthetic Devices to best meet the needs of users.

The VC Hand is the most popular style of hand offered

by Victoria Hand Project

The VO Hand is preferred by people who have used hook prostheses in the past

The Small Hand is similar to the VC Hand, but optimized for children and smaller people

The LimbForge Arm is non-functional, but hyper-realistic, customized to each user 


CAD rendition of a hand, 2018



Rotatable Thumb

VC300, VO300, VZ300

The thumb can be rotated (adduct/abduct) by the user, to achieve different positions allowing for many different grasps. This includes a one-finger pinch, a two-finger pinch, a power grasp, or a lateral grasp.

Backlock Mechanism

VC300, VZ300 (Tricep Option)

The voluntary close (VC) model contains the back-lock mechanism. This lets the user lock the hand closed, for tasks such as carrying bags, or constant grip onto objects.  

Rotatable Wrist

VC300, VO300, VZ300

The wrist contains a ball-and-socket mechanism that allows the user to quickly and easily change the orientation of the hand. This wrist can rotate the hand up to 360 degrees, while simultaneously being flexed or extended by 25 degrees.

Adaptive Grasp

VC300, VO300, VZ300

The Adaptive Grasp mechanism allows the fingers to conform around the shape of oddly shaped objects making them easier to grasp and hold.


We are committed to helping as many amputees as possible despite wide ranging variations in amputations.  Each limb socket is completely customized to the user, by means of 3D scanning and 3D printing, for a comfortably fitting socket.


The original Victoria Hand was designed for individuals with amputations below the elbow. The prosthesis consists of a hand, wrist, socket, triceps brace, and harness. We have provided over fifty of these prostheses and model the rest of our prosthetic designs on the trans-radial prosthesis.


20180415_111443 (2).png

The trans-radial suspension prosthesis is designed for amputees with shorter remnant limbs that are closer to the elbow. Our regular Victoria Hand was not suitable for this so we created a two part socket that can accommodate the shorter limb. This socket extends further up the arm for better control while maintaining a natural appearance.


The trans-humeral socket is the newest socket offered by VHP. The trans-humeral socket is for individuals with amputations between the shoulder and the elbow. It contains a ratchet-and-pawl elbow system which allows amputees to adjust the arm and lock it in place. It also contains steel reinforced links to increase durability. 


The LimbForge arm is a cosmetic, ultra-lightweight 3D printed prosthetic arm. The hand and arm can be scaled to perfectly match a recipient's body dimensions

LimbForge Jump
Assistive Add-Ons

Victoria Hand Project also offers a suite of assistive add-ons. These 3D printed devices can be held by the Victoria Hands to help make specific tasks easier to complete.

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