Victoria Hand Project became active in Haiti in April 2016. We partnered with Limbforge (then known as Enable Community Foundation) to provide 3D printed prosthetics in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Limbforge had received a large Google Impact Challenge grant and provided the funds to build the 3D Print Center and pay for training and travel. 

Following the earthquake in 2010, Haiti became a high need area for prosthetic care. It was critical to build a system of delivery that was sustainable and efficient. We teamed up with Healing Hands for Haiti (HHH), a non-profit organization committed to providing quality medical and rehabilitative care to adults and children with physical disabilities. 

We have fit 15 amputees with our prosthesis and will fit 36+ more over the next 3 years with the Google Impact Challenge funding. Donate today to give a helping hand to an amputee in need.