VHP's early research with ROMP, 2014

Our mission is to provide upper-limb prosthesis to amputees in developing countries, with limited or no access to prosthetic care.


The Victoria Hand Project (VHP) designs low-cost, highly functional, 3D printed prosthetics. In collaboration with our international clinical partners, we make these prosthetics available to amputees throughout the world. Our system uses advanced and cost effective tools: 3D printing, 3D laser scanning, and 3D software, to fabricate these devices directly within the countries where they are used. With our prosthesis, amputees can regain the ability to do home or work-related tasks, and improve their quality of life.


Our scalable provision system has three key features:

  • A transferable production and fabrication system to make 3D printed prosthetics in the countries where they are needed

  • Professional provision of prostheses to amputees through clinical intermediaries with medical practitioners

  • Training and support of both the production network and the clinical provision network