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Victoria Hand Project is deeply grateful to the sponsors, funding organizations, and donors that have and continue to support us in our mission to provide prosthetic care. We would like to thank the following supporters for their noteworthy contributions:


The TD Bank Group provided Victoria Hand Project and the University of Victoria with $1 million (CAD) in December 2019, as part of the TD Ready Challenge. This award will allow us to expand our operations across North America to help children with scoliosis and upper-limb amputees in remote and under-served communities! 


Google believes technology can make a better world, faster. The Impact Challenge supports Canadian nonprofit innovators using technology to tackle the world's biggest social challenges. Victoria Hand Project was chosen as one of the top ten finalists to receive $250,000 in March 2017. Watch VHP in 'A Little Help' Video.


Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. In 2023, Choose Love supported VHP's 'Hands for Ukraine' campaign with $74,000 to help Ukrainians who have lost limbs due to the war receive life-changing prosthetic care.

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VHP joined the AutoDesk Technology Impact Program in January, 2020. AutoDesk donated licenses to VHP to assist with the development and deployment of the 3D printed prosthetic arms, and the new 3D printed scoliosis brace. VHP is so grateful for Autodesk's continual support over the years, ensuring our partner clinics have premium 3D design products!


Victoria Hand Project uses exclusively UltiMaker 3D printers, thanks to their reliability and high quality prints, in all partner clinics around the world. UltiMaker has graciously donated 4x UltiMaker 2+ Extended printers to VHP's international efforts in 2016, 2x S5 printers for research and development in 2021, and an additional 2x UltiMaker 2+ Connect printers to support VHP's Hands for Ukraine initiative in 2023. 


BASF Forward AM is our chosen 3D print filament manufacturer and supplier.  We thank them for their high quality, high strength 3D print filament. BASF Forward AM has graciously supplied Ultrafuse® PLA filament to all Victoria Hand Project partner clinics for the years of 2022 and 2023, helping make Victoria Hands even more accessible to amputees in-need.


 In 2023, Think Communications, in partnership with Lenovo, provided 4x high powered workstations for VHP's Hands for Ukraine campaign. These workstations were pivotal in providing fast, high quality prosthetic care to Ukrainians who suffered limb loss due to the war.


LaserCAM Fabrication (LCF) Inc. provides VHP with high quality laser-cut stainless steel linkages for our prosthetic hands. LCF is a modern sheet metal fabricator that recognizes the requirements of their global customer base and strives to provide exceptional products. LCF products are designed and manufactured in Canada, and all of them guarantee long-term value and satisfaction.

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The University of Victoria has funded various aspects of this work and further benefits us by fostering an open, creative development and learning environment through its pool of talented students, volunteers, research laboratories, and research services staff.


Grand Challenges Canada has been instrumental in establishing VHP!
In 2014 GCC awarded a $112,000 dollar grant to Prof. N. Dechev's laboratory to conduct the initial design and development of the 3D printed prosthesis, and to facilitate our research trials in Guatemala and Nepal.
In 2016 GCC further awarded $65,000 to extend the work to
full-scale delivery of 3D Printed Prosthesis in Cambodia and Nepal.



NSERC (National Science and Engineering Research Council), for the Discovery Grant program which provided the seed funding to initiate this project many years ago in its infancy! As well, the NSERC USRA program helped to fund undergraduate engineering students for this project.



CanPay provides eNETEmployer Workforce Management for our payroll requirements, allowing our team to focus on our mission. They are proud to be a supporter of our project.


Form Futura

Form Futura has provided 3D print filament at reduced cost for this project.



SolidWorks donated new licenses to our laboratory to continue our work designing the components of the Victoria Hand. We thank Javelin Technologies as well for making this possible! 


Every donation goes towards helping us help amputees in need. Whether it is a donation of money, a presentation opportunity or raising awareness, we would like to acknowledge those organizations and individuals that have given to our cause:

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Victoria Hand Project could not exist without our supporters, and their generous contributions that have allowed VHP to continue to expand across the world to reach more amputees in-need. Please contact us to discuss how you or your organization can be part of achieving Victoria Hand Project's mission today. Every contribution makes an incredible difference!

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