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January 2024

Our Community: Hand Project

 Pedro Arrais mentions Victoria Hand Project's successes and desire to work in Kyiv in the Times Colonist Islander Community Feature.


September 2023

Expanding Access to Prosthetic Care with 3D Printing in Ukraine

*IMPACT VIDEO* UltiMaker featured Victoria Hand Project's successful 'Hands for Ukraine' campaign on their channel! 


July 2023

Victoria Hand Project team returns from Ukraine

Brendan Strain of CTV News interviews the VHP team after their return from the full 'Hands for Ukraine' expansion.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 12.04.35 PM.png

March 2023

A Little Help: Victoria Hand Project

With the help of a grant to help VHP scale its impact to over ten countries, Founder Nick Dechev and his team have been able to fit over 200 prosthetic hands around the world to date.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 12.41.27 PM.png

March 2023

Victoria non-profit creates 3D-printed prosthetic arms for amputees in Ukraine

Brieanna Charlebois of The Canadian Press writes on VHP founder, Nick Dechev's experience while in Ukraine setting up two partner clinics.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 12.24.54 PM.png

February 2023

Vancouver Island charity is creating prosthetics for Ukrainian amputees

Paul Johnson of Global News interviews Nick Dechev on his trip to Ukraine and shows a Ukrainian amputee using his new Victoria Hand.


August 2022

Victoria-based charity seeks public support to equip Ukrainians in need with prosthetics

Elizabeth McSheffrey & Kylie Stanton of Global News interview Nick Dechev, founder, Michael, CEO, and Kim, designer, about aspiring plans to expand the project to Ukraine.


August 2022

Victoria charity needs help to provide prosthetic arms for Ukrainians injured in war

Oli Herrera of Chek News tours Victoria Hand Project's lab to learn more about aspiring plans to expand the project to Ukraine from the team.


July 2022

Raising money for a local charity while competing in the Calgary Ironman

Hassan Hatoum is participated in his first Ironman competition and raised money for children who have lost their limbs around the world to be fit with Victoria Hands.


June 2022

UVic Torch - Healing Technology

The University of Victoria featured Victoria Hand Project in it's alumni magazine, the Torch. Many of VHP's team members are UVic students and alumni, and VHP works closely with the university on many initiatives.


May 2022

Vital Youth - Victoria Hand Project Donation

Victoria Hand Project was honoured to attend the Victoria Foundation's recent event celebrating the Vital Youth initiative, a program aimed at engaging young people and teaching them about the importance of philanthropy.


November 2021

Cafe Scientifique- A Helping Hand to Those in Need

Michael and Kelly from Victoria Hand Project give an hour long 'cafe style' talk about the history of the project, the features of the hand, and more!

Anchor 1

October 2021

Lending a Hand: Custom 3D-Printed Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices Using Fusion 360

Jessie MacAlpine interviewed Michael Peirone, CEO, and Kelly, Biomedical Systems Designer, after VHP's Autodesk University presentation for insight on using the software, VHP's mission and more.


October 2021

Autodesk 2021 Presentation

VHP was accepted to Autodesk University to present 'Using Fusion 360 to Design Patient-Specific Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices.' VHP created software that uses the Fusion 360 API to simplify the creation of complex designs, including custom limb-sockets.


January 2021

3DHeals IG Live Interview

3DHEALS is a global platform for people to learn, collaborate, fundraise, and investing in healthcare 3D printing and 3D bioprinting. Jenny, CEO of 3DHeals, hosts a casual interview with VHP that was live on their Instagram channel.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 152951.png

December 2020

Handprints - Root & STEM Feature

Root & STEM is produced by the Pinnguaq Association, a not-fot-profit that incorperates STEAM learning in remote communities. Handprints features VHP's past work and future expansion plans.


December 2020

Ultimaker Innovator Podcast

This podcast episode highlights all of the innovators chosen for the Ultimaker 2020 Innovator List and their amazing work. VHP's Michael Peirone speaks at timestamp 39:50 about the project and his work using 3D printing.


December 2020

2020 Ultimaker Innovator List

The Ultimaker Innovators list puts the spotlight on individuals or groups using 3D printing to transform the ways people work, think, and live. Michael Peirone, Chief Operating Officer of VHP was chosen for this year's list!


April 2020

The Victoria Hand Project is changing lives with affordable 3D-printed prosthetics

James MacDonald of the Globe and Mail recently toured our lab and submitted this feature, detailing the work of the Victoria Hand Project.


March 2020

B.C. engineers awarded $1 million TD grant toward equalizing access to health care in remote communities

The Victoria Hand Project was awarded $1 million after competing in the TD Ready Challenge.


February 2020

Expert Corner - 3D Printing Low-Cost Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices

VHP's COO, Michael Peirone, wrote a blog post  describing how the Victoria Hand Project operates and what technology is used. 


December 2019

Grant extends reach of Victoria Hand Project's 3D-printed hands, back braces to Canadian kids

Andrew Duffy and Darren Stone from Times Colonist visited the lab to learn more about VHP and the TD Ready Challenge.


December 2019

Victoria 3D printing initiative expands to help amputees in Canada

CBC News ran an article detailing VHP's plans for the TD Ready Challenge award, including an audio interview with the team.


December 2019

Victoria Hand Project awarded $1M to develop low-cost prosthetics, spinal braces

Adam Chan for CTV News toured the lab and interviewed employees and volunteers about their work with the project and plans for TD award.


November 2019

3DHeals at Vancouver Island Health Sciences

The Victoria Hand Project co-hosted a Vancouver Island Health Science event alongside the University of Victoria and Dr. Stephanie Willerth, showcasing 3D printed innovations.


April 2019

With These Hands 

Students at the University of Vermont completed a project to add functionality to the existing designs of the Victoria Hand. These students designed and fabricated a bike handle holder and utensil holder.


December 2019

Showing Keating Elementary students a helping hand

Two of our amazing volunteers presented to a classroom at a local elementary school on how everyone can benefit from technology, especially those in need.


January 2019

A Helping Hand to Those in Need

Our very own co-op student, Kelly Knights, published a blog through 3D Heals detailing our efforts in the healthcare community.


June 2018

Printing Prosthetic Limbs: Victoria Hand Project

SeaSide magazine ran a feature on the Victoria Hand Project, including an interview with Michael Peirone.


June 2018

Victoria Hand Project: Applying 3D Printing to Prosthetics

The New Stack featured our efforts in an article an included a short video of patients using the hands.


October 2017

Rick Mercer Visits VHP

Rick Mercer gets a brainwave assessment in Olav Krigolson's lab, test-drives a 3D-printed prosthetic at the Victoria Hand Project and attempts to sing opera with music professor Benjamin Butterfield. 


March 2017

Victoria non-profit in the running for huge Google grant

A Global News feature to help spread the word of our achievement of being a top 10 finalist for the Google Impact Challenge.


February 2017

VHP at Discover Tectoria

Once a year, Victoria hosts an event that highlights all of the cutting edge technology being created in Victoria. We attend this event every year and love to see what other innovators of Victoria are making!


November 2016

Ultimaker Feature

A showcase article of what we accomplish using 3D printers made by Ultimaker!


October 2016

CTV News Victoria Fitting Video

In 2016, we fit one of our first local patients in Victoria with our device. The video shows some of the amazing things Chris can do with his new prosthetic.


August 2016

VIATEC Winners

Recently being awarded the VIATEC Technology Award for Creative Excellence, this Douglas Magazine feature details the origins of the design of the hand through an interview with the CEO of VHP, Dr. Nick Dechev.


July 2016

Cambodia Newspaper Article

Shortly after opening our Cambodia clinic, we were featured in a local news outlet after fitting our first patients in Cambodia!


May 2016

Cambodia clinic run by brothers

Our move into Cambodia was made possible by these two amazing brothers who took the initiative and delivered the very first devices to patients.


January 2016

VHP at the BC Tech Summit

This video features past co-op student, Alex Burden explaining the future plans for our project.


December 2015

VHP UVic feature

Dr. Nick Dechev and Josh Coutts narrate the purpose and powerful impacts our project has on students at UVic and during their first trip in Guatemala.


June 2015

VHP Global news feature

A video spot of the project in it's very early days while we were trialing devices in Guatemala and starting to look for funding to open clinics in Guatemala and Nepal.


April 2015

Our first news feature!

Shortly after receiving a Grand Challenges Canada grant, CEO, Dr. Nick Dechev was interviewed by our software sponsors, CMC Microsystems, to introduce the project and our plans to trial devices in Guatemala.

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