In Cambodia, we established our 3D Print Center in June 2016 with our partner ArcHub PNH. As they had previous experience with 3D printing, training on the specifics of the Victoria Hand went quickly and we began fitting amputees in July 2016. Further, our partnership with the Siem Reap Physical Rehabilitation Center means that amputees will benefit from quality care in every step of receiving their hand, from fabrication to fitting to training. As of October 2018, we are now working with Agile Development Group as our 3D Print Group and Kampong Speu PRC as our Clinical Care Group to deploy the Victoria Hand.

Cambodia has the highest rate of amputees per capita in the world and most have never used a functional prosthesis as there is a high stigma about the appearance of one. The Victoria Hand finds the balance between aesthetics and function so amputees can regain independence without sacrificing a more natural look. 

We have fit prosthetics to 29 amputees and have plans to supply 36+ more over the next 3 years thanks to the Google Impact Challenges funding. Donate today to give a helping hand to an amputee in need.