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The Victoria Hand Project offers a variety of 3D-Printed Assistive Devices that are compatible with all versions of the Victoria Hand to assist with task-specific activities, such as writing or eating. 


Assistive Writing Device

This device was designed to assist with holding and using writing utensils.  The device can accommodate a range of small writing utensils and may be especially helpful for use in a school or work environment.

Assistive Eating Device

This device allows users to easily hold an eating utensil, such as a fork or spoon, for an extended period of time.  It fits a range of utensil sizes and the wrist can be rotated so that the utensil is at a desirable angle. 


Assistive Beverage Holder 

This device was designed to assist with holding a standard beverage can. It would be ideal for times when the user is holding a beverage for an extended period such as during a meal or while walking around.

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