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Bin-Amin, Kenya

"There is so much he couldn't do before, now he has a chance! [Bin-Amin] is very happy, he has even tried writing with it.  He can't wait to go to school and learn to write properly."

- Bin-Amin's mother

When Bin-Amin was three years old he was playing with his friends and fell into a pile of burning goat dung.  This resulted in terrible burns affecting both of Bin-Amin's arms and legs.  He was transported to a hospital in south-eastern Kenya to receive care for his burns, however, it wasn't enough.  Bin-Amin underwent varying partial amputations of all of his four limbs. 

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Four years later, when Bin-Amin was seven years old, he was fit with his very own Victoria Hand.  The prosthesis gave him much more independence and helped him perform daily tasks such as writing in school and feeding himself. 

Bin-Amin was fit at our clinic in Kenya.  They were able to create a custom socket to meet his needs. Bin-Amin also received an assistive writing device which allowed him to write independently and have an easier time in school.


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