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Lewis, Kenya

"Since getting the Victoria Hand my life has tremendously improved. I am more confident. I learned how to accept myself. I learned how to do things I would do before."

Lewis' story

Lewis is a 21 year old film student who lost his arm from an electrocution injury.  Throughout his amputation and recovery process he underwent four surgeries.  Losing his arm made Lewis worry that people would stare or judge him so he would often try to cover his residual limb with a jacket. Receiving a prosthetic arm helped Lewis adjust to his new life as an amputee. 


The Victoria Hand assists him while preforming daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and washing dishes.  It has also helped him succeed in school by allowing him to handle the camera equipment more carefully. Most importantly, Lewis finds wearing the Victoria Hand has improved his confidence, and helped him tremendously in his healing journey.

Help others like Lewis


Since 2015, our success in helping amputees around the world has been made possible thanks to people just like you. With your generous contribution, no matter how great or small, we are able to truly make a difference. We are grateful for any help you can provide, and guarantee it will change lives for the better.

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