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Jigme, Nepal

Jigme, a nine year old boy from the far west of Nepal, had fallen and badly injured his arm. What may have been a quick hospital trip for many of us turned disastrous - the only plane servicing Jigme's remote region had crashed recently, meaning his family had to travel for a month, walking through mountainous terrain, and then weeks of local busses to finally access medical care. By the time they could see a doctor, his arm condition had greatly deteriorated, and it had to be amputated.

His family heard about the services of Limb Care Nepal Pvt in Kathmandu, and got connected with Amit Bajracharya, CPO. Victoria Hand Project had recently completed development of our 3D Printed VC200-Child hand prosthesis design, and Jigme was very excited about being the first to use it! Dr. Nick Dechev traveled to Nepal to work with Amit Bajracharya to prepare this first device.


Given Jigme's limb shape, a two-part suspension socket was used, which is a system featuring a flexible polypropylene inner socket tied to our stiffer PLA outer socket. The fitting process was easily completed and Jigme was super excited! He learned to use his new device within about 30 minutes. The hand was eventually painted to match his skin tone, and he is now attending school in Kathmandu.

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Since 2015, our success in helping amputees around the world has been made possible thanks to people just like you. With your generous contribution, no matter how great or small, we are able to truly make a difference. We are grateful for any help you can provide, and guarantee it will change lives for the better.

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