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Nepal Trials Complete!

The UVic research team members J. Coutts and P. Shrestha, along with staff from the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital, have been very busy for the last three weeks working with volunteer amputees in Nepal.  We will post some in-depth stories shortly but for now here are some photos to share with you!


The Nepal team with our Ultimaker 2 printer.  Pictured left to right are research team members Josh Coutts, Pranav Shrestha, Pranay Shrestha, as well as Saeedul Alam, and NOH Prosthetist Amit Bajracharya.


Pranay, Josh, and Pranav (not pictured) make time to support our partner organization in Guatemala – Range of Motion Project – by participating in the first annual Climbing for ROMP fundraiser. 


Research team member Pranay Shrestha works with an amputee in the Nepal study as he practices using the Victoria Hand prosthesis.

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