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Ephraim, Kenya

“Since I got this hand, my life is now back on track.  Now I can use it to hold things [...].  I can properly greet someone with my right hand.  I have resumed school and my life is back to normalcy.  If you look at me now, my appearance is back to normal.”

Ephraim is a student at Eldoret Polytechnic and his family's livelihood is keeping cattle. In 2020, he was involved in an accident while using a manually operated machine to prepare food for the cattle.  This lead to the loss of part of his right arm. It took three months to fully recover.

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After he lost his hand, he could no longer do the manual labor required to work with the cattle. He also had to pause his studies for some time to recover.  However, after receiving the Victoria Hand, Ephraim has been able to regain a sense of normalcy and can perform everyday tasks such as cutting food and shaking someone's hand.

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