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Nepal Trials at Halfway Point

The UVic team's research trials in Kathmandu have reached the halfway point! The team has been at work for the past two weeks with local amputees, and the staff of the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital to study the effectiveness of the Victoria Hand in Nepal. This work is providing great feedback for our team as we move towards the final phase trials this fall in Zacapa, Guatemala.



Research team member Pranay Shrestha adjusts the harness of a participant in the Nepal trial.


A Nepalese participant, comparing his traditional hook prosthesis to the Victoria Hand.


One of the participants in the Nepal trials uses the hand to make a phone call! With this design, an amputee can position the hand in 7 different grips, one of which is ideal for typing or pressing buttons.


UVic research team members Pranay Shrestha and Joshua Coutts meet with local doctors to discuss 3D printing, and demonstrate what this technology can bring to the field of prosthetics and orthotics in the future.

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