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Google Impact Challenge - $250,000 for Amputees

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

VHP is proud to announce that we have been chosen by Google to be the recipient of a $250,000 grant! The grant was provided through the Impact Challenge, which awarded $5 million across ten Canadian non-profit organizations using innovative technology to help people in need. Out of over 900 applicants, VHP was chosen as one of the top ten finalists alongside organizations such as Canadian Red Cross and British Columbia Children's Hospital Foundation. 

The grant will greatly benefit the amputees, partners, and communities we work with. We will be able to help over 200 new amputees in new countries such as Egypt and Uganda as well as in our current partner countries. New print centers will be opened, fully equipped with our 3D printing tools and staffed with local technicians. 

We would like to thank everyone who supported us and voted for us in the Impact Challenge! For those who have yet to check it out, take a look at the Impact Challenge to see the other organizations being supported in their endeavors.

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