FAQ for Potential Partners

Victoria Hand Project partners with medical professionals and technology experts in countries around the world to offer our prosthetic hands to amputees in-need. The FAQ below is meant to serve as a comprehensive guide to what we look for in potential partners and what to expect when offering the Victoria Hand.

Q: Who is needed to become a Victoria Hand Project partner?

A: VHP only offers our hands through certified prosthetists to ensure a safe, comfortable fitting hand. Organizations we partner with tend to have a certified prosthetist on staff or one who can be contracted. We also require some 'tech-savvy' people who are willing to be trained on 3D printing, 3D scanning, and hand assembly techniques.  

doing work together

Q: After clinic staff is trained by employees of VHP will there be ongoing support?

A: Yes. We keep close contact with our partner after initial training and try to visit the clinic every 1-2 years afterwards. The Victoria Hand Project also continuously provides the tools, technology and design updates to its partners.

Q: What is the lifespan of the Victoria Hand ?

A: The hand usually lasts a few years before needing to be replaced, however, depending on the degree of use this timeline can fluctuate. If individual parts of the hand break, they can be replaced and the hand can be repaired. 


Q: Other than the custom socket, are other components of the Victoria Hand customizable?

A: To some degree, yes. The Victoria Hand comes in two sizes - the larger adult hand, and the smaller hand often used by younger user or people with
smaller hands. We also offer the Limbforge cosmetic arm, which is completely custom-made.