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The Victoria Hand is a complete body-powered prosthesis consisting of a hand, a wrist, a limb-socket, and a harness. It has high functionality, a natural-appearance, and is custom-made to fit each amputee. The hand allows the amputee to perform a range of activities needed to increase their quality of living. The Victoria Hand closes when activated into an adaptive grasp, allowing users to have a dynamic range of grip strength.


Rotatable Thumb

The thumb can be rotated (adduct/abduct) to achieve different positions allowing for many different grasps. This includes a one-finger pinch, a two-finger pinch, a power grasp, or a lateral grasp. To rotate the thumb push or pull the thumb to the desired position.

Backlock Mechanism

The voluntary close (VC) model contains the back-lock mechanism. This lets the hand be locked closed for tasks such as carrying bags, or constant grip onto objects.  To use the back lock push the button to the open position, open and close the hand freely, then push the button down to lock. The hand will not open/close when the button is locked.

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Rotatable Wrist

The wrist contains a ball-and-socket mechanism that allows you to quickly and easily change the orientation of the hand. This wrist can rotate the hand up to 360 degrees, while simultaneously being flexed or extended by 25 degrees. To use the wrist undo the latch, rotate to the desired position, then close the latch. The wrist cannot be rotated when the latch is closed.

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Adaptive Grasp

The Adaptive Grasp mechanism allows the fingers to conform around the shape of oddly shaped objects making them easier to grasp and hold.

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Hand Actuation

The Victoria Hand is actuated by using the shoulder harness. When the cable is pulled the hand closes shut and when the cable is released the hand will open. To actuate the hand, you can pull on the cable located above the triceps brace.

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The Victoria Hand