Victoria Hand Project is a registered Canadian Charity and non-profit organization that produces low-cost, 3D printed upper limb prostheses that are deployed in countries across the world where access to prosthetic care is difficult and costly. Our prosthesis, the Victoria Hand, enables amputees to reach their mobility goals and improve their quality of life.


Just $25 can help give the gift of independence

A $25 donation will partially fund fitting an amputee in-need with a life-changing prosthetic arm. Your donation, alongside donations from others, will get a prosthetic hand to those who need one most.

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Through international partnerships with healthcare providers and a focus on in-country production, our upper limb prostheses is made accessible to amputees in need.  Our partners provide the clinical expertise; we provide the prosthesis. Together we offer a complete service that supports the amputee and their community.


Developing nations often have a high prevalence of amputations from violence or medical complications.  Access to prosthetic care and assistance in these nations can be an expensive and arduous process. Without this care, many amputees experience limited employment opportunities, as well as physical and emotional challenges.  This reveals a clear need for an easily accessible prosthetic upper limb.


The Victoria Hand Project provides support to amputees in developing nations through cutting edge technology and engineering expertise. We do more than just design a low cost prosthesis – we work with the local community to supply training and technological support, which enables medical professionals with the skills needed to build the Victoria Hand and deliver it to amputees in need.


VHP's efforts are best explained through the people they help.  Over 170 people have been fit with a Victoria Hand to date.

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